Gayle Desmeules, M.A.

Gayle Desmeules, Métis, QMed, M.A. in Leadership & Training, has researched the intention of Family Group Conferencing from an Aboriginal, Cree First Nations worldview and published her findings in Putting a Human Face on Child Welfare (The Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare). Being a child of a residential school survivor has greatly influenced Gayle’s work of finding meaningful ways for government to partner with the Aboriginal community and families to help them recover from historic trauma and restore healthy relationships. She is a Licensed Trainer for IIRP Canada and specializes in Aboriginal-based curriculum, using circles to build community and in dispute resolution. Gayle’s company, TRUE DIALOGUE, provides consulting, training, facilitation and mediation services. She is also a member of the Board of Governors for Portage College, Alberta, Canada.

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