Don’t Fear The Data: A Crash Course in Measurement Theory, Study Design and Evaluation Research

This is a session designed for those who want to evaluate their efforts at achieving their restorative goals. We will cover the key steps of community research, starting with the Why (What decisions must be made, who must make them, what do they care about?), then moving onto the What (What evidence will suffice, what questions will lead to this evidence, what study design will make this evidence strongest?), and finally addressing the How (how to conduct assessments, how to analyze the data, how to share and use the results). We will cover a lot of ground, and hopefully you will leave with more questions than you came with but a little less apprehension about doing this type of work. Whether you work in a school setting, a criminal justice setting or a community setting, there is plenty of opportunity to conduct high quality evaluation research to see how well your program is doing. Research and data collection don’t have to be mysterious and foreign concepts, and they don’t have to be about what someone else defines as important. Define what’s important to you, and then go out and measure it using a thoughtful research design!

Other Teach (100 min)
Location: Monocacy Date: October 24, 2016 Time: 1:20 pm - 3:00 pm Paul Carroll, Ph.D.(c)