Changing Mindsets: Repair Is in the Building

Teaching, learning and practice are integrally linked. This session presents an intentional approach to equipping college students in community services with the knowledge and skills to function as restorative practitioners in their own educational journey. In year two of a piloted “Social Innovation Hub,” a restorative “place” was established to support projects that focused on prevention and promotion and entailed changing mindsets, developing skills and reclaiming spaces. An ecosystem was created that supported a project-based approach to learning and practice. This workshop will primarily focus on two projects:

i) The creation of a Restorative Zone in a local school including:

  • Grade six students supported to become restorative peacemakers (workshop manual developed and student led)
  • Programs to build a community between two schools on site (student led)
  • Restorative parenting workshops (workshop manual developed, faculty led)

ii) “Towards a Higher Journey, TAHJ” – A longer term effort to establish a community hub following the deaths of a number of younger teens (student led, faculty supported)

The  legacy of these projects will be highlighted.

Downloads Family & Community Schools Share (50 min)
Location: Brandywine Date: October 25, 2016 Time: 11:00 am - 11:50 am Rick Kelly Daniel Entwistle Symone Walters